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Eyegreeable 5

Eyegreeable 5

What's new - Eyegreeable version 5.0:

  • New Tablet Mode (In Tablet Mode, the screen filter will remain at your chosen reading position. The screen filter position is not altered automatically by the mouse movement. In Tablet Mode, you will position the filter manually on the screen).
  • New interface.
  • New global menu (top menu).
  • Global menu button (this button can be moved horizontally on the screen).
  • Multiple filter profiles: load/save multiple filter settings (.eyeg files).
  • New show/hide main interface button.
  • Compatible with multiple screen resolutions: Landscape and/or Portrait orientation.
  • Enhancements for touchscreen monitors/screens.
  • 7 new filter colors (14 filter colors).
  • New highlighter lines colors.
  • Adjustments for greater speed and accuracy in filter movement.
  • Adjustments for greater compatibility with 2 monitors schemes.

For more information, please visit: Eyegreeable 5

EdiPrompter Version 4

What's New (EdiPrompter version 4.0):

EdiPrompter 4

  • 2 Screen Modes (Window Mode and Full Screen Mode).
  • Window Mode (Movable and Resizable Window).
  • Both modes are compatible with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).
  • Improved interface design (Editor and Prompter Modes).
  • Enhancements for touchscreen monitors.
  • Improved prompter configuration menu.
  • 5 text speed presets (text speed control).
  • New text scroll indicator in Prompter Mode (scroll on/off indicator).
  • New user-friendly shortcuts to control text speed (Prompter Mode).
  • Improved text control using keyboard and mouse in Prompter Mode.
  • Monitor 1 and Monitor 2 with totally independent horizontal and vertical mirror text modes (Full Screen Mode).
  • Full Screen Mode: you can easily adjust and save the settings on Monitor 2 (Teleprompter monitor).
  • Minor adjustments and fixes.

For more information, visit: EdiPrompter 4

Eyegreeable 5 is almost ready!

We are completing the tests of the new version of Eyegreeable (version 5). The application will bring new features and a redesigned interface for better user experience (UX).

Another new feature is the ability to save multiple filter settings (multiple profiles). For example, you can quickly switch between your favorite setting for text reading and other configuration for spreadsheet analysis.

Stay tuned!

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