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Interactive virtual laser pointer

  • 6 laser colors for presentations.
  • 3 models of laser pointers (gold, silver and black pointer).


Professional dynamic markers

  • Analysis and filling of spreadsheets.
  • Vector on-screen markers.
  • More comfort and precision in the presentation of spreadsheets and tables.


Dynamic Screen Filter (DSF)

(DSF Technology)

  • Powerful assistant for reading texts, analyzing spreadsheets and tables.
  • More visual protection and comfort.


Interactive multimedia board and presenter

  • More interactivity and didactics.
  • Illustration galleries and add-on kits.
  • 9 board styles, FLV video player, interactive cursor and much more.


Professional teleprompter software

  • Built-in text editing and saving.
  • Colorful reading markers.
  • On-screen display of percentage of text read, time elapsed and local time.


Professional pointer for multimedia presentations

  • On-screen effects and vector markers in real time.
  • Spotlight, dynamic vector arrows, on-screen writing, highlighter pen, lines, circles, pause screen and much more.


Interactive on-screen markers

  • It has two types of hands for you to select: male and female.
  • HandPOINTERS has a “halo of attention” and “precision point” in three different colors: red, green and blue.


Professional vectorial markers

  • It has three types of markers for you to select: cursor, circle and triangle.
  • You can use each marker in four different colors: red, green, yellow and blue.


Professional color manager

  • Unlimited on-screen color captures.
  • History of captured colors, 5 color selectors, color mixer, combine room.


On-screen timer bundle with full visual control

  • 5 models included: 3-min debate, commander, workshop, countdown and multi-alarm.
  • Enhanced control of activity shifts (work time and breaks).



On-screen sliding-keyboard (OSSK) for visually impaired people

  • Edit texts freely using virtual spelling of words (sound-oriented and mouse-driven application).
  • Friendly OSSK technology developed by AureoSoft.


Bundle with 3 on-screen keyboard models

  • Type easily and confidently.
  • Adjust font size and keyboard model for better viewing and comfort.
  • Mouse-driven keyboard with sounding keys.


Friendly calculator with large on-screen symbols and numbers

  • 4 arithmetic operations.
  • Percentage, sign inversion and square root.
  • Memory function.


Clipboard and note assistant

  • 90 colorful text slots at your disposal.
  • Very easy interface.
  • Texts are saved unformatted and can be shared with any other application.

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